Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Are You a Theology Grad?

Mainstream Christianity as gotten so lost and filled with such mixture and false truths. Many churches are offering a 12week course to learn the bible and giving our certificates of graduation for these courses and the individuals graduating from these type of classes are calling themselves "Theology Grad Students" when they are not. Yes these courses are very informative and are available for those who cannot study the Word of God on their own nor understand it; but they are no where near attending a Bible College and being ordained as a minister of the Gospel .

I find it incredible when others call themselves a "theology grad student" just because they have attended a church course... Sorry to say, but that is not a Theologian. You must attend a Bible College/Theological Seminary and have graduated from there in order to even consider making that statement. 

Further, how can you call yourself a born-again Christian yet study literature or references from a Catholic teacher Dr. Brant Price, etc.??? You cannot! Their views and theology are filled with catholic beliefs, history and demonic mixture. No wonder Christians are wishy washy, flimsy and compromise their walks, not only by getting tattoos and drinking but justifying their sin. Not only are they unlearned and misinformed but have been blinded by the enemy by being accepting of sin. We are called to walk in HOLINESS and be LIKE Christ. Where in the Bible have you read that Jesus or his disciples drank alcohol and had tattoos??? Don't fall for the lie of the devil. Separate and consecrate yourself to God. If need be, get rid of those so-called Christian friends who are a bad influence and teach you things contrary to the Word of God.  
If you want to learn the Word of God -- go straight to the Source - the Holy Spirit. He is your teacher, not man! Use the original Greek and Hebrew texts to learn customs, history and the scriptures, if you need reference. But trust me, the HOLY SPIRIT teaches you ALL things, especially when you have been filled with this FIRE with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. He is the one who gives you the ability to go and SIN NO MORE!