Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Word from the Lord to His Children

Here is a word to the body that the Lord gave me a few weeks ago.

You are growing physically and in the things of  the world but what about my things? It's time to move on from elementary level of your walk.  Says the Lord.

Why are the things of this world more important to you. Life, your job, financial gain, relationships, sports, careers? When I am the one who has given you life!  I cause u to wake up every morning, I give you breathe. 
You are the very air I breathe, the very reason I came to die.  - why am I not as equally important to you? Why am I not the first one you think about when you wake up. I cause the sun to come up every morning and have given you the sun, moon and stars to light your day and night. Can't you see or understand the depth of My love for you. 

Is it too much to ask for you to love Me the same way I love u? To want you to spend time with me, to talk to Me?  As I long and desire  to be with you and talk to u. 

It's time to rise up and take a stand for Me. Time to leave the childish things behind and grow in Me. As u do, I will show you My mysteries, My kingdom and use you to change this world!

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