Sunday, January 11, 2015

Something to think about..

I keep hearing in church circles - we r kingdom builders, it's all about building His Kingdom.  Is it really? All I see is man bulling their little kingdoms and churches. Where did Jesus ever tell us to build His kingdom. It is already built in Heaven. We were commanded to preach the Gospel and make disciples, not build man's little kingdoms/churches here on earth. People of God, get in the right perspective. Jesus always said my Kingdom is not of this earth. We r to set our eyes on things above because we are NOT of this world/kingdom. I know many wont't like hearing this because it goes against mainstream church thinking and traditions but we r supposed to be going against the flow, not with it.

We need to obey His command and go OUT and preach the GOOD NEWS and make disciples with sound doctrine.  Be LOOSED!!!! From stinking thinking and the religious spirit that man has put on the church for thousands of years! Church is not what u have been taught and God wants His people set free! But r you willing to change your way of thinking, are you willing to have traditions removed and that religious spirit removed, are you ready to go AGAINST the flow and not with it?  It's not easy - its a lonely walk - trust me u will lose friends; but know this - it is better to lose friends than to lose being in His presence for eternity.  The road is NARROW and only a FEW will enter. I am willing to be part of the FEW and not the greater majority. Something to think about....

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