Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kingdom People

Had to share what an old friend Reinhard Bonnke shared today.

I saw long ago that Christians often live far below their “Kingdom” possibilities. They don't live as Kingdom people at all, but as ordinary folk who come appealing occasionally to God for help. Help... that is a minor thing. The great thing is that help is one of the things added to us when we SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 6,33) 

Some folk are looking for a lost coin when they should be looking for a Kingdom. They have mislaid their whole inheritance. It has all been illustrated in the New Testament. We should be children of the Kingdom, blessed products of a new dimension, filled with power, filled with the Holy Spirit, walking by faith, walking in LOVE, hearing God's voice, rejoicing in all circumstances because no circumstance is of any consequence compared to the fact that the Kingdom of God is ours

Agree wholeheartedly but not only are they not living as Kingdom people but they are also not walking in the FRUIT of the Spirit.  They live as christians by title only.

Something to think about.....

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