Saturday, November 15, 2014

Don't Give Up on the Youth of this Nation

My husband's Prophetic DREAM: He Woke up this morning and had to share this dream.

I was walking towards my car and noticed 3 young black men hurrying into their car. They had just siphoned my gas. As the other two speed off, the 3rd remained and came walking towards me with the "cool walk" and his hands swing as though rapping. He was big, tall and about 350ibs, Dwayne (Lord gave me his name). As he approached he yelled to me "what's u gonna do man,what's u gonna do" I changed directions and began to run towards him. Then he said "That's right boy, let's do this" I just kept running towards him then suddenly embraced him w/ a bear hug. He said "Wats u doing man?" I wouldn't let go. We wrestled. I then put my mouth to his ears and said "Dwayne (his eyes sprang open, thinking how this dude know my name) God not pleased with u stealing. "Let go of me man" he responded. God loves you i respond. "Let go of me man". We did this for a bit. He could not push me away. I then layed my right hand on his head and I said: "Dwayne, God has called you and he is going to use you. ". Suddenly, this tall, 350ibs young man dropped to the ground and wept like a baby. We stayed their hugging in the parking lot as he cried. DREAM OVER I WOKE UP. This is what God told me: I am not done with the youth of this nation so don't give up on them. Now my thoughts, I know this dream was from God, not only for me but for all of u who read this. He's not done with them.

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