Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back to Painting

I have been feeling the urge to go back to painting on canvas since we moved back to California and are not moving around so much for ministry.  When we moved out of California in 1995 I sold all of my art supplies and easels.  Everything has tripled in price, yikes!! So I couldn't return to painting because it was too expensive and simply could not afford it, especially since I was laid off from work two years ago.  Last year, I discovered digital drawing and I began using my son's tablet to begin drawing the Cute As A Button images. When I began drawing at the age of 4, I started with comic book drawings and drew those cartoon contest images found in the TV guides. Does anyone remember those?  I drew them all the time.  Then at the age of 10, my parents enrolled me in an Art School on weekends which helped not only develop my artistic talent but I also took music lessons.  When I turned 12 I became really good and was allowed to enroll at Pasadena Art School which had a program on weekends for children who were considered very talented and a rare find. It was such an honor but scary at the same time because I was surrounded by only adults in class.  That was an awesome experience!  I then desired to draw life like images and portraits and became really good at them.  Since then, I loved drawing and painting people. At the age of 18, I stopped painting and joined the world  of adulthood. Went to work and attended college.  So my dream, was put in the back burner.  Life went on.  I got married, began ministry and traveled the world preaching.  I would occasionally paint something for friends as gifts but never really got back into it.

When I began drawing the "Button" images, it was really hard for me to draw simple cartoonish looking characters, but pushed forward as I was led. It is really hard for me to try and stay within those boundaries and I find myself having to alter my images a whole lot while I am drawing to keep them from looking too realistic.

So yesterday, I thought to myself, why not try digital painting?  I have all the software apps. Photoshop, Manga5, Sketchbook Pro, Painter and SAI.  I picked up the pen and began painting, inspired by an old memory of an old friend from Texas' dalmation dog named Lydia, I began to paint after 27 yrs.  It took me a while, and I am still learning the programs. They all have pretty cool features that the others lack so I found myself switching between all of them.  So here is what I painted. It is still a work in progress, because I see so many flaws, so I will continue to make changes until I am fully satisfied with it.  Hope you enjoy her.

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