Thursday, September 11, 2014

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

I woke up this morning with such a yearning and longing to be in the presence of my God, so I went into immediate worship and prayer.  It was an amazing time.  God shows up every time to heal, restore and strengthen - boy did I need it.  I have my moments of discouragement and just wanting to give up.  It has been two years since I was laid off from my job and it has been hard on my family. We have had hard times and struggles.  We lost our home a few months ago, the first home we ever called our own because as ministers we moved around so much preaching the Gospel.  It was hard, but I know this, that God is faithful and has bigger plans for us.

I have to be honest, I cry a lot more than I use too.  Going through depression, discouragements, trials and attacks, especially from those who profess to be Christians.  But I know, that I know that MY GOD is greater and carries me through all of the storms that come my way and He is my defender and will correct those who are hurting me (I have seen it time and time again).  He is the very breath that I take and my daily strength.

I encourage all of you to seek His face.  Nothing else brings greater joy than to have an intimate, close relationship with your Heavenly Father.  The more you spend time in His presence, change happens.  Reading books, hearing others talk, doing good works - it doesn't get you into Heaven. There is only one way - it's having Jesus as LORD of ALL OF YOUR LIFE. Where He is the one who directs every decision you make and is involved in ALL areas of your life, including your business. Above all, He gives you the Father's Heart to love on others and pray for them.  Even those persecuting you.  So pray for your enemies and if you do not have an intimate relationship with Jesus - begin TODAY!!!  Believe it or not, He talks back and you come to have conversations with Him daily. He begins to transform your mind to think as He does and above all, to LOVE like He does!!!!

Some may call me crazy, and have, but that is okay. I KNOW my GOD!!!! These kind of people are just ignorant to the things of God. They don't know any better.  It is what they have been taught and are blinded to.  Others don't want to know Him.  Those people, I feel sorry for and pray for them because their fate is away from the presence of God when they leave this earth.  All they have is what they have here on earth and that is why they fight so hard for it, even those professing to be Christians, but their fruit shows otherwise.  The claws and nails come out, they fight tooth and nail for what they have.  When you think about it, it is pretty sad - because that is all they have and all that  is important to them.  But when you have God in your life, you leave others alone and let God deal with those who hurt or persecute you.  Your outlook in life is so much different than theirs.  Your mind is set on higher things and fulfilling what God has called us all to do - win souls for His Kingdom, because He is coming very, very soon.  In our lifetime!! So I pray that all of you prepare your hearts and ask Him into your lives, and be ready for when He comes. The world will try and explain it away, but the Bible has foretold it and it will happen soon.

If you don't know Him, today.  Why not ask Him to come into your Heart. Surrender your life to Him. Trust me, as you do, your life will completely change.  But, please don't stop there, like most Christians today.  Go further in Him. Spend an hour with Him or more. Have a daily relationship with Him.  I talk to Him all day, every day!!!  A lot of Christians read books, know scripture, do good works but that is not Christianity - those are just mere motions and head knowledge.  He wants more - He wants ALL OF YOU!!!!  To breathe Him, talk Him and LOOK like Him!!

Worship Him, because He is not only worthy, but because He is good!!


Love Francesca

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  1. How rare to find a single soul whose only longing is to know Him, our Lord Jesus Christ. Fewer even, than that are those who are prepared who are prepared to surrender to him to such a degree that he may take from them everything. Even those good sentiments and feelings and the sense of his presence. Will you go that far? Yes, then you truly love him with the greatest purity. Amen