Friday, August 8, 2014

Road Trip

A couple of my sisters snatched me away on their Thelma & Louise road trip two weeks ago! Although, it wasn't a duo anymore but a threesome, so I guess we couldn't call it the Thelma & Louise roadtrip anymore, lol!

I am so glad they talked me into going.  I have been locked up in my home for far too long and needed the break and to see the Wonderous and marvelous Hand of God throughout his creation.  Our destination was to make it to Klamath Falls, Oregon or just to reach the Oregon state border.  We reached Oregon and were so disappointed that we got back in our vehicle and turned right back and headed back to California..  A big disappointment and that is quite a funny a story in itself - a bit on that later.

Our first stop was Lake Tahoe and the waterfalls in the area.  Who ever said it is cooler up North?  Not!  We had triple digit temperature the entire trip and with no a/c!??  But we made it with plenty of water by our side - lol!

Wow! The Lake was beautiful and boy was it huge!  We camped out at our first stop and what do you hear at a distance? Thunder! Can you imagine that - the forecasted weather was clear and hot all week.  So we had a muggy and muddy night in our tent.  I have to admit, it has been almost 27 years since I have really camped out.  My form of camping is a cabin full of food and electricity.  It was hard for me to sleep on the floor with FMS but I managed to make it through the night after tossing and turning for a few hours.  We got up and headed towards the falls - but had to make a few stops for my Shopholic sisters.  Find a WalMart, Ross or TJ Maxx and they are attracted like flies.  It was awesome to see their eyes light up to go shopping.  We got a few camping items and then drove 30 minutes to our first fall.

First waterfall in Lake Tahoe was not too great and a downhill climb to get to. The drought had really affected the water flow but still a sight to see.  Then we headed to Sacramento and kidnapped our niece and made it a foursome.  So we went shopping again to get more camping gear and stuffed my sister's car to the hil and headed to Oregon.  We arrived to our final destination about 4 hours later, making a pit stop at the Oregon/California border for a photo op.  We headed to our campsite but made a quick stop for gas.  While at the gas station - we asked the attendant for directions to the campsite and to Klamath Falls.  Guess what his response was?  There is no Klamath Falls!! Are you freaking kidding me???? What do you mean there is no more Klamath Falls?? Our hearts sank at those very words.  We couldn't believe what we were hearing.  We had to ask again - what do you mean it is dried up?? He replied, "when they constructed the dam, the waterfall dried up."  How long ago? In 1940, he replied.  OMGosh!!!!! The darn waterfall dried up over 70 years ago!! Before all of us were even born!!!  You think they would announce this or let people know on all the websites concerning Klamath Falls?? But no!!!  Not one single comment or mention.  I guess Oregon is desperate for tourists.  All is left is a river.  Sad to say, we were so disappointed, that we didn't bother to explore Oregon. We just got in the car and headed back to California.  I have to say, that is something to remember and we will always talk about.  We could not stop laughing.

McCloud Falls

 Burney Falls
So we decided to head back to God's mountain - Mt. Shasta as we passed it on the way to Oregon.  Spent two beautiful days looking at McCloud Waterfall and Burney Falls.  All I can say is wow - beautiful!!!!  McCloud falls was a small hike to get too but a challenge to climb over the rocks.  But my sister and I did it - we climbed right under the waterfall. The water was ice cold but refreshing.  Our next stop - Burney Falls.  Now this waterfall was amazing and a breeze to get to - just 75ft and you are there!  This waterfall is breathtaking!!!  You have to see it.  The water was so blue and crisp.  All I can say is amazing.  God is awesome!! He has left His footprint on all of creation and for what? For His children to enjoy.  Can you believe it?  He cares so much about us enjoying His creation and for us to know that there is a Creator.  Everything in nature points to Him.

The nights camping were difficult to fall asleep.  A train went by every 20 minutes. Then we had to deal with an owl hooting all night the following day along with loud and rowdy campers. Whew! I was glad they were asked to leave and that it was our last night.  we were leaving. the next night. I thought  vacations were supposed to be restful, we didn't get any sleep. Our trip came to an end and it was great bonding time with my sisters and neice.  I was left with a desire to see all the waterfalls in Southern California and the U.S.  I have to get myself in shape as I have read that some are a 10 mile hike in the middle of no where.

The picture to the left is Havasu Falls. This one I want to see along with the other three surrounding waterfalls.  The pictures I have seen are just breathtaking.  I challenge you to map out where your local waterfalls are and take a drive down to see them.  You will be awed at God's creation.

Chat later....

xoxo Francesca


  1. Seems to me you had quite an interesting trip. Lots of ups and downs, but at least you won't forget it. ;) xx

  2. It was such a special time that I spent with my sisters. We are going to plan a trip like this once a year.