Monday, June 16, 2014


I am sharing the word below given to a friend of mine (Roseanna Roman) for the children of God (born-again believers).

Before I birthed you into this earth, I personally accepted and approved of you.  You don't need to do anything to receive My approval or accomplish anything special to receive My acceptance.

I freely gave you My acceptance and approval when I brought you forth.  You didn't earn it, I gave it to you.  You have been wonderfully and fearfully made! You have already met My high standards of acceptance and approval because you have received Me as your Lord and Savior.

Understand this, you delight Me, I have fashioned you perfectly.  You have assigned strengths and given weaknesses. These I have assigned to every human being. Imperfections are a part of human existence.  So do not despise or condemn yourself or think of yourself as inadequate or inferior.  Do no reject yourself because of these God given imperfections.  All flesh has great strength and great weaknesses.

You are perfectly equipped to perform you calling , you are full of talent and ability to fulfill what I have DESTINED you to do.  No one can RIVAL you, no one can threaten you, no one can do better than you in what I have called and equipped you to do.  You are unique, valuable and priceless!

I am delighted with you, you are My treasured possession!  I allowed the crucifixion of my only Son, so that we could communicate with each other.  I laid down My deity, I took off my royal robes so that I might be ONE with you.  I laid down the riches of Heaven just to be in you, and you in Me! The two of us have become one when you accepted Jesus! Greatness resides within you.

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